Songbird Hearing Aids

Songbird Hearing Inc. is an American company based out of New Jersey that is the maker of the world's first disposable hearing aids. The battery is built into the hearing aid and after the allotted hour or time usage the user simply replaces the entire aid. They are recommended for those with mild to moderate hearing loss and have many practical features.

Songbird's products include the Songbird 400 Hour Digital Hearing Aid which lasts 400 hours or 90 days, and cost about $59. The Songbird Pro Digital Hearing Aid lasts 600 hours or 120 days.
Features of Songbird's Disposable Hearing Aids:
  • You do not have to purchase batteries because as soon as the battery dies, new hearing aids are used.
  • They are easy to maintain in that there will be no need for repairs.
  • Because one size fits all in the Songbird 400 Hour, some people may not be able to wear them due to their ear size.
  • They are in-the-canal (ITC) hearing aids, so some who cannot have their ear blocked will not find them suitable.
  • Although there is no hearing exam required for the Songbird 400, it is always recommended that anyone who suspects hearing loss or believes they need an aid should consult a licensed professional. Songbird also has an extensive product line that includes phones, clocks and other listening systems. Check out the shopping links on this page to reach some of the leading online suppliers of Songbird Hearing product offerings!

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