Rexton Hearing Aids

Rexton Inc. manufactures a variety of programmable and analog hearing instruments at various price ranges and technology levels. The Rexton hearing aid catalogue is split into three distinct categories entry-level, mid-level and high-level classifications. Rexton hearing aids are available in full shell, half shell, canal, mini-canal and completely-in-canal hearing instruments in the following models:

  • Rexton Arena Hearing Aids Modestly priced for budget-minded shoppers, the Arena offers the best of both worlds the newest in digital technology mixed with the reliability and comfort of a traditional analogue hearing aid. The Arena offers extra options such as a low battery beep to alert you when levels are low as well as microphone noise reduction; a feature that clarifies speech intelligibility in even the noisiest of settings.
  • Rexton Voyage Hearing Aids allows your hearing aid to be programmed according to your specific listening preferences. It also includes features like adaptive noise reduction (ANR), a feature that tunes out any outside annoyances and focuses in on incoming speech. Voyage also allows the wearer to store up to four personal listening amplifications and offers a low battery tone to alert you when your power is low. Thanks to a feature called directional microphone system; the Voyage can pick up speech intelligibility in almost any noisy setting.
  • Rexton Regatta Hearing Aids are designed for wearers with extremely active lifestyles. The Regatta can be programmed according to the wearers 3 most used listening settings. Were all award of the effects of cellular phones have on hearing aids. This is why the Regattas digital processor is fitted with a shield-protected microphone that reduces annoying cellular interference.
  • Rexton Targa Hearing Aids incorporate standard digital features and user-friendly options for consumers on a budget including the choice of 3 programmable hearing settings.

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