Hearing Aid Phones

Telephone conversations are an extremely important aspect of modern communication. To the hard of hearing user, finding the right phone or compatible device is extremely important to maximize clarity, minimize feedback and increase usefulness.

Amplified Telephones
If you have difficulty hearing the phone ring, there are phones available that not only amplify the ringer but also have a flashing light which indicates incoming calls and call waiting. Many phones allow the user to adjust the ring and speaking volume and provide optimum volume power. To accommodate other members in your household, some are capable of returning to normal sound levels automatically. Amplified telephones can range from $50 to $200 and are offered with many unique features.
Telephone Amplifiers
Telephone amplifiers are an external component that are used with regular phones. There are some now that are cell phone compatible, which is of great benefit to those on the go. A telephone amplifier can cost upwards of $25.

Earpieces and Headsets
Earpieces and headsets are also very popular. They are very practical in that they are hands-free and because of their small size, they are portable. Some earpieces are able to plug into cell phone.

Text Phones
For the severely hearing impaired, there are text phones which allow the person to read text messages with the assistance of a relay line. Some text phones are lightweight and portable and some are also cell phone compatible.

Telecoil or T-switch is a feature of some hearing aids and enables the user to better communicate on the phone through a magnetic field. The T switch is activated by the press of the button and is great in that it minimizes background noise and allows hearing aid users to speak directly into the phone.

Many products today provide hearing aid users with a broad choice of useful options that will maximize clarity on your home, work or cell phone. If you click on the above listed links you can access many leading on-line suppliers of telephones and telephone devices and find a product that perfectly suits you.

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