Children's Hearing Aids

Children who are hard of hearing are becoming an increasing priority for many hearing healthcare companies. There are a variety of unique product offerings specifically for children that are available in many different styles, types and colors.

The type of hearing aid device will greatly depend on the type and extent of the child's hearing loss, although behind-the-ear (BTE) devices are often recommended for children because they are durable and robust. BTE aids are most practical for children because they are less reliant on the size of the inner ear. Custom ear molds for behind-the-ear (BTE) aids are soft and easy to clean and, although they may need to be replaced because children grow at rapid rates, they are easier and less expensive to replace than in-the-ear (ITE) or in-the-canal (ITC) aids. Also, many parents find it beneficial that they can easily monitor and control behind-the-ear (BTE) aids.
Children's Hearing Aid Features
Many companies now offer devices with greater functionality for adults, children and even infants. Here are just a few innovative features and programs which have been specifically designed for children:
  • Fun color assortments or ones that match skin tones
  • Tamper-resistant battery cases
  • Tamper-proof volume control buttons
  • Starkey has created a program called StarKids which provides communication materials for children and their families to provide them with fun and knowledgeable resources about their device.
Some children's hearing aids can also be connected to other listening devices, in the follwing ways:
  • T-switch or telecoil is a small wire inserted into a hearing aid. The telecoil is used to improve telephone communication and it can be used with other assistive devices to enhance television and stereo enjoyment.
  • An FM system can work great in a classroom as it allows the child to hear the teacher's voice above disruptive classroom noise. A teacher wears a small microphone and transmitter that sends sound directly to the child's hearing aid and receiver using a wireless FM transmission.
Children's hearing aids are more technologically advanced than ever before. Manufacturers are offering hearing aids for children with many practical and suitable features. If you click on the shopping links above you can find out about more on-line products current available for children.

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